At the heart of the community

Posted: 27th October 2021

Always at the heart of the community, the Clarence Hall recently hosted a workshop for the development of Crickhowell’s Town Plan.

Organised by Crickhowell Town Council and hosted by the Mayor, Councillor Ann Jeremiah, the community consultation was open to all residents to come and share their ideas about how to make Crickhowell a thriving community.

The forty attendees were asked by the Mayor to focus on those things that needed to be undertaken to keep Crickhowell a happy and vibrant town.  All sorts of things were discussed, including the role the Hall can play in the town’s development.

Attendees from the High School were particularly engaged, explaining how the Hall can make itself even more welcoming to young people by using TikTok and Instagram to keep them involved.  They also commented on how COVID had affected their social lives and how they are looking forward to working with the Hall to restart gigs and other events.