Crickhowell’s U3A – going from strength to strength!

Posted: 30th March 2022

The Clarence Hall is home to a wide range of organisations who utilise its facilities on a regular basis.  In this feature, we look at Crickhowell and District University of the Third Age (U3A).

Crickhowell U3A was formed some 12 years ago by a small band of active, but rather frustrated, retirees joining the National organisation – The Third Age Trust that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer.  The original troupe rightly felt that retirement should not commit them to the doldrums.  They felt that there was a need amongst like-minded people – those who still viewed the world with awe – to introduce Crickhowell to the U3A and to start up a local programme of challenging events and educational opportunities.

That original initiative has now evolved into a vibrant didactic learning system aimed at the over 55s and predicated on Specific Interest Groups.  These Groups – SIGs (of which there are currently over thirty) cater for a huge range of interests.  If you simply wish to walk the hills or perhaps need to keep abreast of current affairs, star watch or share a reading programme or enjoy a game of bridge, the U3A is where it is at.  This may sound rather ambitious, but where the U3A is fortunate is in the wealth of knowledge subsumed within its 420 members.

In addition to the activities within the SIGs there is the monthly meeting at the Clarence Hall,  which always hosts a guest speaker.  These speakers have included Iolo  Williams, the Welsh ornithologist, nature observer, television presenter and author, best known for his BBC and S4C nature programmes. On the other hand, it could be a U3A member, once an expert in the field, but still with insightful or commanding knowledge on a specific topic.

Today’s U3A continues to develop and thrive.  It does its level best to appeal to the Technophobe and the Techie, the Bridge Player and those with a deft ping pong style, the aging hippie, and the retired teacher or entrepreneur.  If you want to know more contact the U3A at