Raising the roof for Cancer Research

Posted: 8th July 2024

Congratulations to Cancer Research Wales Crickhowell Fundraising Committee for an excellent concert at the Clarence Hall this weekend, featuring an ensemble from Abergavenny Borough Band, Cantorion Phoenix Community Choir and Guest Soloists.

A delighted audience thoroughly enjoyed a wide repertoire of music ranging from classical pieces to modern hits, with some excellent individual solos.

Cantorion Phoenix delivered a performance that showcased the choir’s talent and hard work, creating a rich and emotive sound that resonated throughout the venue.

Abergavenny Borough Band’s rendition of a number of well-known pieces was a highlight, displaying a high level of musicianship and coordination. The synergy between the choir and band was evident in the joint numbers, with the band adding an extra layer of depth through its vibrant accompaniment.

Special mentions go to the soloists and conductors, whose musicality and leadership shone through, enhancing the overall experience.

What made the evening truly special however, was the sense of community and togetherness. It was heart-warming to see friends, families, and neighbours come together to support our local musicians in raising a considerable sum of money for Cancer Research Wales.  The dedication of the choir and band members was clear, and their enthusiasm was infectious!

Overall, it was a memorable night that highlighted the vibrant cultural scene in our area.  A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this event happen and to all those who supported this worthwhile cause.