Hall upgrades and repairs

Posted: 9th November 2021

The last month or so has seen a number of upgrades and repairs to the Clarence Hall.

Thanks to an award from the Brecon Beacons Sustainable Development Fund, the rear door to the Hall has been replaced, improving both security for the Hall and access for performers and stage crews bringing in equipment.  

And, with the support of Crickhowell Town Council, repairs to the damaged staircase ceiling have now been completed, meaning that the Hall is fully operational once again.

The generosity of Crickhowell & District Players and a number of local residents has meant that an upgrade of the stage lighting has been undertaken, including the installation of U’King LED lights.  We’ve also secured the services of a specialist lighting and sound engineer, who has agreed to act as an adviser to Hall users, if  required.  

Finally, the Hall Trustees and the Crickhowell U3A have collaborated to undertake an upgrade to the Hall’s WiFi and broadband provision, delivering on one of the key priorities identified by respondents to the Community Survey undertaken last year.  The joint team pooled expertise and resource to turn the Hall into a “Portal”, allowing U3A members who have no computer access to safely  hear and see the monthly meeting in the Hall, while the “Zoomers” access the proceedings at home.  There is no reason why the High School could not tap into this facility in the future, streaming drama productions, shows and award ceremonies, enabling parents and grandparents to participate, wherever they are!