Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Letting

1 – Members of the Management Committee shall have reasonable right of access to the Hall during the letting.

2 – Large items to be taken into the Hall via the rear doors only and all items to be removed by noon on the day following the letting.

3 – The Hall shall be left in a reasonably clean condition (see additional notes). An additional cleaning charge will be levied where this is not so.

4 – Any damage, loss or breakages caused to the building or its contents during the letting must be paid for by the hirer.

5 – The Committee will not accept liability for damage to or loss of any article left in the hall before, during or after a letting.

6 – The hirer shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all functions. All conditions attached to the premises licence must be observed. A copy of the licences granted to the Hall is on display in
the foyer; a detailed copy is available from the Caretaker. Conditions in the licences apply to all bookings. It is advised that the named stewards discuss fire and public safety matters with the Caretaker prior to the letting.

7 – The Hall is fully licensed for Public Entertainment, also with the Performing Rights Society on whose behalf we collect the appropriate fees – see Rates of Hire

8 – Hirers are expected to provide Public Liability Insurance for their own event.

9 – The Committee reserve the right to refuse any application for the hire of the Hall.

10 – An occasional event licence must be obtained if alcoholic drink is to be sold. This is available from the Trustees of the hall or from Powys County Council. Contact the secretary for an application form.

11 – No naked flames are allowed in the stage or wings areas. If tea lights are used for table decoration in the main hall they MUST be placed in glass globes.

12 – No nails, screws, pins, staples or Sellotape are to be fixed to the walls, woodwork or fittings. Notice boards are available if required. No alterations are to be made to the electrical wiring system. Any electrical items brought into the hall should have been checked for electrical safety

13 – A simple sound system (with induction loop aerial for hearing aid users) is available if required; please notify us in advance.

14 – Nothing may be done which will endanger the policies of insurance relating to the Hall and its contents. No obstructions are to placed in gangways or exits. Fire regulations must be complied with. The Hall is licensed for 285 people but seating is only provided for 235, including 65 fixed seats on the balcony. Any extra seating needed must be provided by the hirer.

15 – Copies of documents giving advice on Food Safety and Health & Safety issues and the First Aid box are kept in the labelled kitchen drawer together with the Fire Safety message which should be read to the public at the start of an event.

16 – Brushes, mops and a safety notice for use by hirers when attending to spills are kept in the cupboard by the kitchen door.

17   Hirers must take away all recyclable waste generated by their event. This includes all paper and card, recyclable plastic bottles and containers, cans and glass. A marked bin is provided to aid the collection of this waste.

18 – If the use of the balcony is required this is at the responsibility of the hirer and a designated steward is recommended, particularly when children may be present. Safety warnings of the low rail at the front of the balcony should be noted.

At the end of a letting the Trustees ask that the hall is left “reasonably clean” and that –

Leftovers of food and rubbish are put in the plastic bags provided

The floor is swept clear of loose items, particularly of dropped food

Spills, particularly of drink, are mopped up

Worktops and tables are cleared of food and drink residue

Chairs and tables are returned to their storage areas.

Brushes, dustpans, mops and buckets are in the cupboard by the kitchen door.

When hirers know that their event will finish late they may wish to make an arrangement in advance to come in the next morning to complete their clearing up. This is usually possible unless the hall has a booking for the following day.

The Trustees wish your event to proceed smoothly. Please let us know if there is anything you need and we will do our best to help.

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