‘Mike the Rug’

Posted: 11th January 2022

The Clarence Hall is home to a wide range of organisations that utilise its facilities on a regular basis.  In this feature, we look at Michael Lomax.

Michael Lomax, affectionately known as ‘Mike the Rug’, has run the monthly carpet and rug sale at the Clarence Hall for 20 years.  He is one of the family.  During these troubled times, he has continued to hire the hall so affording us a much-appreciated revenue.

Mike’s rugs and carpets are directly sourced from Persia and Afghanistan, with 60% of his customers being ‘local’.   Sizes range from 16’ by 11’ to 5’ by 3’ with the most popular size being 10’ by 7’.  Entering the Hall when Mike is there is like entering Aladdin’s Cave.  The whole place is bedecked in stunning, vibrantly coloured, and skilfully patterned, carpet.  You should really pop in; the effect will bowl you over.  Should you wish to make a purchase Mike is to be found, if you look carefully, behind his perspexed sales point in front of the stage.  You will find his welcome is as warm as his carpets.

Mike has undoubtedly been a boon to us but the hall has also been a boon to him.  He says its Victorian grandeur complements his rugs – in fact, it is his favourite venue.  Like us all, Mike is fond of the Hall and has given us advice on what a retailer would want from its refurbishment.  Finally, Mike the Rug’s interest in the Hall may be primarily commercial, but, there is no denying his presence contributes to its continuance and the vibrancy of the Crickhowell community.