Clarence’s First Public Appearance!

Posted: 3rd December 2021

In his first public appearance, the Clarence Hall’s Clarence was the ‘mane’ event at Crickhowell’s Christmas Fair and late night opening.

Despite being scaled back on previous years due to Covid restrictions, the event, organised by CRiC, was a tremendous success with various producers and makers selling their wares in a festively decorated Clarence Hall.

Clarence was on hand to encourage donations to the Hall’s Refurbishment Fund, ably assisted by some of the Hall’s Trustees, who were busy promoting the newly launched Clarence Hall 500 and selling cakes and jewellery to raise funds.

Clarence was delighted when a new friend, Fireman Sam, popped in from Crickhowell Fire Station to say Hi! They both concluded that Crickhowell is a very fine community indeed.  We agree!